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Use tcpdump or other system-level commands inside a Kubernetes pod

Sometimes we need to run additional commands in a pod in order to troubleshoot or accomplish a certain task, let me show you how.

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Deploy WebLogic 12c on OSX in less then 10 minutes!

In order to assess the work considering automation of configuration and deployment for one of our back-end applications, I needed to install WebLogic 12g locally. So, I decided to share this with the rest of the community. Hope you enjoy this quick guide.

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Deploying Spinnaker on Docker Desktop

After preparation for leading an internal workshop on Spinnaker, I decided to share the tutorial for getting Spinnaker up and running on OSX using Docker Desktop.

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The Good, the Bad and the...?

Today, there are many choices regarding application and container management platforms. Next to open source Kubernetes, there are commercial offerings such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry and RedHat Openshift. While both commercial platforms have their charm, let me share my personal experience with both in the context of delivering containerized applications within the corporate banking sector.

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